As it becomes increasingly more difficult to find and keep a dedicated sanitation staff and with food safety regulations becoming much more rigorous, pass that burden to a trusted contract cleaning company – ProCleaning Solutions USA.
PCS provides an all-encompassing food plant sanitation services program focused on quality, safety, and a dedicated partnership. Some highlights:
  • Equipment specific cleaning procedures
  • Master sanitation schedules to ensure programmed cleaning
  • Unscheduled or emergency clean-ups
  • Daily pre-op inspections
  • Downtime and deficiency accountability
  • Auditing resources and audit-ready paperwork available 24/7
  • Effective safety training, follow-up and frequent auditing
  • Dedicated start-up teams
  • Focused continuous improvement for operational cost savings
  • Sanitation specialists and technical support immediately when needed
  • Local and regional management oversight
  • Empty chemical drum/tote pickup and recycling